SNP markers

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are increasingly used as the basis for generating genetic markers, and have the potential to be of particular value in the analysis of Brassica genomes, where multiple homeologous and/or paralogous copies of individual genes may exist. There are opportunities for collating information relating to SNP discovery (screening range of germplasm), as well as integrating efforts to establish community-wide SNP screening platforms. If you are involved in such a project or consortium please provide information to include in the table below.

Species Platform Consortium Source Amplicon targets More information Contact
Brassica Illumina Infinium - will be continued to at least 2016 multi 60,000 Illumina Consortium  
B. napus Illumina; 'digital transcriptome' JIC RNA ~20,000

download SNP list (Excel) or as text file; and


M. Trick
B. napus Pyrosequencing, multiplexing Trait Genetics, Gaterslaben ESTs >2,000 Trait Genetics website  
B. napus Re-sequencing NAM, Germany DNA 4,300,000 SNPs Resequencing of 52 B. napus genomes - Scientific Data/Nature)  

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