marker assignment codes

The table below shows the "single letter marker type designator codes" used in the CropStore Nomenclature Conventions and elsewhere. The two main examples of their use in CropStore are for the "marker_assay_name" and "mapping_locus" the later being described in Choi et. al. 2007 TAG.

The main source of these codes is: De Vicente et. al. (2004) IPGRI report, Descriptors for genetic markers technologies External link

Marker Type Single Letter Code
AFLP - Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism a
CAPS - Cleavage Amplification Polymorphisms p
EST(P) - Expressed Sequence Tag (Polymorphism) e
RAPD - Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA r
RFLP - Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism f
SCAR - Sequence Characterized Amplified Regions c
SNP - Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism s
SSR - Simple Sequence Repeats / Microsatellite m
STS - Sequence Tagged Site t
other / undefined * x
unspecified ** u
* used for marker types that are different to any of the ones defined above, but of known type, eg ACGM - developed at INRA link mentioned on the "marker page"
** added to the list for CropStore curation purposes, used when the marker type had not been specified.

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