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Disseminating information amongst Brassica researchers worldwide

The mailing list is managed from Southern Cross University for the benefit of the Brassica research community worldwide. The aim of the list is to underpin common research requirements in generating and exploiting public-domain Brassica genetic and genomic resources and information, as well as exchange of information relating to more general aspects of Brassica crops, science and R&D. The list currently has over 378 members wordlwide (Feb 2018).

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You are invited to become a member of the mailing list. To do so, please send an email to the following address, including the word "subscribe" in the email header.

Once you are a member, to post to the list send an email to:

*N.B. for those in the UK only , please subscribe to the uk-brc mail list - all postings are automatically redirected to the uk list (subscribing to both causes problems, with spam-filters sometimes resulting in nothing being delivered!)

List admin

Please send any enquiries to The list is currently maintained by Graham King and Abdul Baten at Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia.