UK-CHINA B. rapa Sequencing

Chromosomes A1 and A8

This project (2007-2010) contributes to the Multinational effort to sequence the Brassica A genome (from Chinese cabbage B. rapa, but also representing 10 chromosomes of rapeseed (canola) B. napus and mustard oil (B. juncea)).

Chromosome A4

Chromosome A4 was adopted by the UK-China project in August 2008, following approval by the UK-China project Steering Group to contribute to areas of the genome beyond A1 and A8.


A consortium comprising scientists drawn from three UK institutions (John Innes Centre link, Rothamsted Research link, University of Warwick link) with major programmes in Brassica research, together with the Beijing Genomics Institute link and Huazhong Agricultural University link in China, and the JCVI link in the USA will work together to:

1. Advance the Multinational Brassica rapa Genome Sequencing Project (BrGSP) by sequencing ca. 700 overlapping BAC clones representing the gene space of chromosomes A1 (R1) and A8 (R8). 

2. Enable transitions to the oilseed rape genome by end sequencing 73,728 Brassica napus BAC clones.

3. Rapidly deliver into the public domain the sequences generated by the consortium, retaining no IP. 

4. Rapidly deliver into the public domain an automated annotation of all sequences produced worldwide within the BrGSP.

5. Establish bioinformatic resources to provide added value to UK Brassica research and stakeholder communities.

6. Analyse the sequence data generated to identify and characterise the novel features of hexaploid genome structure and evolution.

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