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Upcoming conferences

Multinational Brassica Steering Group

Previous conferences and workshops

Annual Brassica Workshops at Plant Animal Genome link (PAG): San Diego, California US

Crucifer Genetics Workshops

19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop; Brassica 2014 link Wuhan, China
18th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2012 link, Catania, Sicily, Italy
17th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2010 link, Saskatoon, Canada
16th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2008 link, Lillehammer, Norway
15th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2006 link, Wageningen, The Netherlands
14th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2004, Daejon, Korea
13th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2002 link, UC Davis California, USA
12th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 2000, HRI Wellesbourne, UK
5th Crucifer Genetics Workshop 1989 link, UC Davis California, USA - Download procedings pdf

ISHS Brassica Meetings

Brassica2012, Catania, Sicily, Italy

Brassica 2008, Lillehammer, Norway


Brassica 2004, Daejon, Korea

Brassica 2000 Download, HRI Wellesbourne, UK - and Acta Horticulurae proceedings link

Brassica 1997, Rennes, France

International Rapeseed Congresses

13th International Rapeseed Congress 2011 link Prague, Czech Republic
12th International Rapeseed Congress 2007, Wuhan, China
11th International Rapeseed Congress 2003 link, Copenhagen, Denmark
10th International Rapeseed Congress 1999 (Proceedings) link, Canberra, Australia

World Congress on Oils and Fats link

Event hosted by "The International Society for Fat Research" (ISF)
27-30 September 2009
Sydney, Australia

OECD Exploiting genome-wide association in oilseed Brassicas link

9-12 November 2009
Perth, Western Australia

ICPHB 2009 link

International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization and Biodiversity
17-20 May 2009
St-Malo, France

2nd Conference on Glucosinolates link

Taking the Field into the Next Decade
24-27 May 2009
Elsinore, Denmark

3rd International Symposium on Biofumigation link

Biofumigation – from the fundamentals to the farming system.
Submit your title and abstract here link
Hosted by CSIRO Plant Industry
21-25 July 2008
Canberra, Australia

Please send us information of any previous meeting you would like us to list here.