gene nomenclature


A standardised nomenclature was proposed by Lars Ostergaard (JIC, Norwich) and Graham King (Rothamsted Research) for genes described within the Brassica genus. This enables a distinction to be made between copies associated with the different haploid genomes, as well as at paralogous loci. The nomenclature convention was discussed at the January 2008 MBGP Steering Committee meeting, and then put out for wider consultation within the international research community. Useful feedback was obtained, and incorporated where possible into the subsequent publication. The standard nomenclature convention has now been circulated to editors of plant and genetics journals, as well as GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ so that there is consistency in use within the literature and database repositories.

<GENUS 1 LETTER> [<species 2 letters>]<GENOME 1 LETTER>|<X>.<NAME 3-6 LETTER CODE>.<locus assignment 1 letter>
where < > surrounds categories, [ ] indicates an optional item and | denotes "or". When referring to gene names, the string is italicized, whilst the corresponding protein name is not.

Example: BnaA.IND.a

A distinct nomenclature standard for gene-model annotation has been established.

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